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About & Passion

Thank you for your interest in getting to know more about me, Roxy Oriental Dancer!


I am an oriental dancer who is committed to being a life-long student of music and the performance arts. I am also a Vietnamese-American who has been living in the Seattle area for 20+ years. While living here, I met my incredible husband, attended the University of Washington, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.


My passion is to bring the beauty of Middle Eastern dance to the stage. 


Belly dance began for me as a fitness activity. I was overworked and needed something to keep myself moving once I got up from my computer at the end of the day. My career in the field of Information Technology Services involves too much sitting and stress!


After a few belly dance classes, I got hooked on this beautiful art form. There are so many reasons why that happened—the music, the culture, the dance sisters, the people who support the dancers, the meaning of the dances, the makeup, the gorgeous costumes, and the joy of sharing my artistic expression through dance with an audience.


I love performing at community events, in small- and large-stage shows, and occasionally at local restaurants. The lovely and supportive audiences always make my day. 


Besides belly dance, I have studied flamenco. Additionally, I have had some dance training in ballet, modern dance, and jazz. I firmly believe that dancing keeps me physically and mentally healthy and feeling young, beautiful, and strong!


The more I learn, the more there is for me to learn. I believe that being a "forever student" makes me a better teacher. I have made it a point to study with many teachers and mentors so that I could discover myself in dance and not get stuck in one style or only a few styles. Before I began teaching, I studied by taking special performance workshops and classes and by receiving extensive private coaching as well as teacher training. I highly recommend Tamalyn Dallal's fascinating week-long teacher training workshop. Tamalyn inspired me to teach.  


My teaching focus is to fine-tune dance techniques while helping my students dance true to themselves. I emphasize developing the ability to connect with the music and the audience.


In a class or in performance, I dance for joy, and I hope my students have fun and enjoy the time they spend with me studying oriental dance.


I taught classes and workshops at Zamani World Dance in Bothell, WA or at dance studios in the Seattle area and events in the USA. I offer private lessons by Skype or in person. Contact me for my rates and availability.


Additionally, I am the producer and owner of Oriental Bliss Productions, an organization that produces Oriental and Middle Eastern dance workshops and shows in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. For the latest workshops and shows, please visit the Oriental Bliss Productions website.

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